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05/19/16 | 1:19AM
Some, but not all, reasons I hate Verizon

Since at least 10 years ago, Verizon has overcharged and underperformed for me. I just quit paying my bill when one month I received a $600 bill. They said I used that in data. This is back when minutes counted as data. They finally quit trying to collect what ended up being slightly over $1000 for two unpaid months. I got myself off their radar.

In my area, Verizon and AT&T are the only two providers that have service around here. And until recently, I did't know AT&T covered this area so good. Their performance trumps Verizon 20 to 1.

So, for years, I had been using Straight Talk for mobile phones and hot spots (no cable in my area). Verizon ALWAYS gives you two or three days of normal service, then bam, you get put on a list as someone who uses data and the throttle you. By this, I'm talking about getting 25 kb/s on 4G LTE during the day, and maybe 100 kb/s at night.

Even back when I had a plan with them, and a family member had a plan after I "quit" them, they always lied when we called about the terrible bandwidth. But they would do something that made it go back to "normal for Verizon" speeds for two or three days, then it was back to a crawl.

I don't feel like typing out all my hate at once. I'm getting hot and angry right now.

Hey, Verizon, stop ripping your customers off. Wanna get me for libel? Try me. Even a billionaire company like you can't win that in court when I show them that I can't open a Web page that very morning in court because your service is throttled.

Freakshow - Verizon H8er ID: A43774

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05/23/16 | 2:20AM
cut the cord

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DF81D2

05/25/16 | 17:30PM
You show you're not smart at all, by continuing to pay those outrageous bills and for being with them for ten years!?! Man, you must not have any other service in your area. They don't care about your issues as long as you keep paying them and you keep believing their lies that they will resolve your issues. Get smart and get out.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C30DD4

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