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05/24/16 | 22:49PM
Verizon Thiefs

I has asked verizon to add international feature for the month of AUG 2015. I was going to be in CANADA for 2 weeks. So I was told that I have to get it x 1 mo. So I did asking for the service x 1 mo at $ 30 extra for that month.

Well a few month later I noticed that my automatic monthy deduction was a higher amount so I looked at the bill and realized that I was still being charged $ 30 extra for international calls. So I called

1 REP # 1 confirmed that it was an error and she could credit me $ 60 on the spot. I said that that the amount verizon Owed me was higher . She gave me her supervisor Number and so i called again and spent time explaining above. She said they had to investigate it and would get back to me the following week.
Well no one called back so I called back the following weekend - REP # 2

REP # 2
After explaining for the 3rd time verizon mistake she said she would credit me with $ 210.
I asked her about being also compensated for the 2 hours I had wasted on these calls and she agreed to also credit me with $20 for my annoyance .

The next day May 9. I get a text message saying that my balance was adjusted to reflect $ 20 credit. Nothing was said about the $ 210 owed to me.
So I called again

REP # 3 ( last rep I spoke to ) said that It was my responsibility to discontinue the international serivice and So verizon did not owe me $ 210 . I asked if he could have the prior rep (REP # 2) call me and he said he would.
Well its been I week and verizon has not contacted me.

Yasmin - Verizon H8er ID: 688E09

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05/25/16 | 17:11PM
I used to work for a company that was contracted by Verizon and managers had only so much they could credit accounts on a monthly basis. If the credit was no more than $20 then a customer service rep could give it to you on the spot. Anything above would have to be "reviewed" which meant your S.O.L. You'll be lucky to get half of what you ask. You're better off just telling them the person who used the phones died, because that is the only way to terminate your contract with any fees. This company is very decietful, has bad hiring practices, hires ghetto trash....I learned this too late and left that place. I couldn't work for such an unethical place...sad to say they rate themselves as the #1 wireless service company.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 274CA0

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