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05/25/16 | 6:34AM
Don't switch to the Device Payment Plan (DPP) if you have multiple lines

Hello friends -

DPP. What is it? Why are aggressive sales persons trying to force you out of your grandfathered unlimited plan.

Let's dive down the rabbit hole. If you buy a phone under contract - Verizon will subsidize the cost of the phone in exchange for your agreement to stay with the company for 24 months. If you are already grandfathered into a plan (contrary to what sales people will tell you) - your cost does not go up - and here's the rub.

If you lose your phone - it is completely on Verizon to take the loss. Oh well. You'll stay with the company for a few more years and yes - you'll go out and buy a new phone on craigslist - and connect it.

What DPP truly is - is selling a phone like it's a car. I hope to God this doesn't take hold in the industry because phones are becoming prohibitively expensive.

Verizon will go out of its way to tell you the advantages of DPP but what they fail to mention to you is if you choose to go with DPP - you lose your $25 Data Discount (Grandfathered in for those on the More Everything Plan.) If this applies to you - you do the math - is it cheaper to have a phone rock a data access of $15 per line - or to go into a new DPP (duped plan) and be charged $20 per line.

By the way. Suck my balls, Verizon. I just bought a new iPhone 6 on my existing grandfathered plan and only pay $56.50 a month. If I ever decide to terminate my contract - and a rival carrier pays for it - I will go and leave you high and dry with no DPP leasing contract. I will leave the bill with you. FUCK YOU.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 80DBC4

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05/25/16 | 6:49AM
A little bit about my plan :

6GB Data, 2 lines, Unlimited Text & Call

$70 PHONE Charges + Employee Discount
$40 Data Charges - $25 = $15 Data Access
+$40 for a line added (bastards took away the promo to add lines for $15 - which surprise - an agent lied to me about)

$113 per month for 2 SmartPhones.

If I break contract - it is the only contract I signed with Verizon. If I go with a carrier that will pay for my contract to be broken - Verizon eats all of the costs.

If I lose my phone - Verizon eats all of the costs. I can buy a new phone - connect it and pay the same rate I've paid in the past.

If I want to upgrade the amount of data I use - I can call Verizon up and do so and still keep the same plan - or if I want to lower the data I can do this also.

You agree to two separate contracts (not bound by limit or term.) A separate DPP agreement dupes you into either leasing your phone or paying in installment payments in addition to a higher data rate which is not eligible for the grandfathered data promotions.

If you lose your phone - you are bound by DPP and fucked over by it until your eyes bleed. You will still be charged the full cost of the phone - and many people have not considered this.

If you want to break your contract with Verizon - you are STILL bound by DPP. DPP is like buying a car - you put a down payment on it and pay installments over the month. You will owe money to Verizon even after leaving their network.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 80DBC4

05/26/16 | 23:27PM
First off, if you are on the month to month promotion you are taking about and then sign up for a 2yr contract your monthly line access will go back up to $40 on the more everything plans. Don't lie to the world when you have no clue what your talking about. So if you want to pay more in the long run for your phone be my guest but it is cheaper to do DPP then a 2 yr contract.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 206244

10/16/16 | 9:54AM
Dpp is cheaper in the long run. Contracts are a thing of the past anyway. It\'s a better system.... you want a new phone.. pay for it.. you know exactly what you\'re paying for. DPP is just the option to pay the phone interest free and if you have unlimited you can keep it on dpp.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 267F23

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