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08/05/06 | 8:56AM
Today I said GOOD BYE

I just cancel my verizon wireless.. Im so happy i fell so much better, no more bull crap. no more drop calls, im so happy. I switched to cingular about a month so far i have no complains. I like it. I GET SERVICE, for the money i pay. I use to pay the same amount of money im paying for cingular and use to get no service at all... 3 years ago when i first started with verizon i use to get service everywehere like everywhere, so i decided to change phones and i got verizon phone with UI (verizon interface, that ugly red bars at top and botton.) and ass soon i did i had the most horrible service, i thought was the phone but i guess i was wrong my mon got a phone same she doesn't get any service, my brother same. So i went to verizon couple times to change phones cause they use to die on me. So waiting at verizon i use to hear all kind of problem people we complaning about this company, so i figure i had to switch cause it was the company... VERIZON SUCKS... VERIZON U HAVE THE MOST DROP CALLS IN THE NATION.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1D47EA

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