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06/14/16 | 14:14PM
Verizon Data Vampires

How in the world can I go for years and years with Verizon at 10G's per month and do everything I want online and then the second Verizon 'upgrades' my phone and forces me into their 4G (who cares about that crap) deal and now I can hardly get by on 30G's and over -twice- what I paid before! I am so -angry- every single month ... I can hardly wait until this contract is up. What sucks even more is that I don't get to do anything online for that 30G's anymore ... the signal drops constantly in the middle of doing something, I don't watch TV or movies, I don't play games, I don't download apps, I can't even read my emails!!! I just delete them because it now takes too much data to look at my emails. I maybe can watch just a few music videos (and not even in their entirety - takes too much data). Seems like every time I go online they are trying to squeeze another $50 or more from me 'to avoid more charges' with them. I am so upset with them,they have ruined my online experience totally. I have to stay offline anywhere from 7 - 15 days of the month now or go to the library to use their computer! This is totally ridiculous!!! Verizon is a total scam!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 37CE75

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07/12/16 | 21:08PM
You must do a lot more than you're letting on. I have 16 gigs and don't have a problem, I also use wifi at home. The internet takes more data to run, higher resolutiins, busier pages, it takes more. I still don't have a problem on 16 GB. The problem is the operator here, be accountable for your actions you childish wanker. Verizon is evil, but that isn't one of the reasons.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9A4E13

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