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06/21/16 | 3:15AM
Predatory Billing

It's a long story... I received a bill in Jan 2016 that showed that my plan had switch from 11 gig data plan to a 5 gig. After many phone calls they told me my bill would be from $214 on 3 phones to $166 for 3 phones for the same service. Feb 2016, I received a new bill. It was for the same $214 They offered a credit and apologized for the confusion. Again, march the same problem but now I had data overages. I had 0 alerts despite me making sure I had alerts on 10/2014. I know this because my daughter had made sure when we added her phone. April, May same thing, credits promised and never given. They also dropped my 1 year edge program on 2 of my phones (ability to exchange my phone every year).

Now, I'm stuck paying overages on my account, they won't honor the $166 they promised in emails and texts and won't honor the credits adjusting the amount. They said they see it, but nothing they can do. Can't change the plan to reflect the correct data nor honor the $166 a month. Despite them seeing an error on the account to display data overages, that it's not their problem.

strssd@hotmail.com - Verizon H8er ID: CEF089

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