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06/21/16 | 12:54PM
Verizon Can't Protect Your Data

VERIZON is not secure and your Personal Identifiable Information is NOT Safe

I've been a Verizon customer for almost a decade. I love their network, but I've grown to believe that they can't protect our data and their business processes are error prone, human driven, and do not provide sufficient complexity to ensure that our data is protected

Their most recent abuse of my account is that a hacker called the company impersonating one of children, claiming that their phone was defective. The tech determined that the impersonator needed a new device and ordered one to be delivered at her "new address" in an entirely different region from where I and my daughter live - not even close.

When my daughter started receiving text messages indicating that a new phone was on the way, I immediately called, since this is not my first fraud rodeo.

A little background on my past experience with Verizon and my account status. My account has been hacked so many times (more than 10 times) that I've disabled all "My Verizon" features and directed that customer support not allow anyone to perform any activity other than diagnostics, unless the person is physically present in the store showing their ID saying they are who they are.

I called Verizon and talked with several customer representatives, filed a fraud claim, and received several promises from customer representatives: Miguel, David, who indicated they would call me back to ensure my account would not be charged... They never did.

When I asked each customer representative, which family member showed their ID to have the phone sent to some New England state. Their answer was invariably no one did. The technician failed to review the notation on the account, as he was trained.

TRAINED??? There are no processes in place?

When I was transferred over to their fraud department and complained about their lack of protection with their 4 digit code having only 9999 combinations and their passwords not using special characters (i.e. There are rainbow table that contain password combinations of up to 16 characters that don’t use special characters). The fraud guy said that first he was aware of it, knew it was an issue because he came from Homeland Security, but that Verizon users couldn't remember anything that complex.

Why give us a more secure option if we are too stupid to use it?

I would be using another vendor if I could, but Verizon is going to charge Early Termination Fees, if I leave. Even though they can’t seem to follow their own process, know that their security measures are inadequate, and can’t guarantee that my account won’t be charged for the phone that I didn’t order, they don’t appear to be in any breach of our contract – ironic.

I’ve dealt with this ineptitude long enough, As soon as my contract is up, my family is gone.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C64C13

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