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08/11/06 | 22:34PM
Switched to RCN, Verizon kept billing

We switched our cable, internet and phone to RCN. The cable was an account with a different company and they final-billed us just fine. The phone was with Verizon and that account was closed out and final-billed. For some reason, the Verizon internet account we had kept getting billed, month after month, even though I no longer had access to my Verizon e-mail account, and every time I called, I was assured the account would be credited the wrong charges and closed out at zero. This happened for months. Next thing, I get a call from a very courteous collection agent. First he suggested I give him my credit card number and straighten it out with Verizon. Ha! The bill was hundreds of dollars! When I told him I was not giving Verizon a red cent, he said okay, good luck, and that he hears the same story from a lot of the people he calls for Verizon collection accounts. Next thing, I start getting calls from an attorney, using all kinds of intimidation tactics. This has been going on for months. Last time they called, I told the guy that hundreds of people have been overbilled by Verizon and that we do not owe this money! Now I understand why our credit rating is so low! This should be criminal!

- Verizon H8er ID: 501D7D

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