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02/15/08 | 21:45PM
Verizon Sucks!!!!!!

I just recently had an expeirence with Verizon repair when my home phone went dead. First my husband, an electronics engeneer, checked to make sure the problem was not in the house. After discovering it was not, I called Verizon repair. OMG! That's enough to make one want to pull their hair out. After going through all the automated stuff and listening to Spanish for a couple of minutes, I don't speak Spanish, I held on for 32 minutes before this repair tech came on. I explained to him that my phone was not working and he proceeded to check the line. After a couple minutes he came back and informed me that my phone was out of order. Hmmm, bet he gratuated at the top of his class. Then he proceeded to tell me that it would be 8 days before he could get someone out to fix it. Now I have Verizon home phone, Verizon DSL,Verizon cell, and Verizon at a vacation trailer. Somehow 8 days just doesn't seem exceptable. Espically when it's their equipment. I realized at that point I was being held hostage by Verizon. No home phone no computer and a cell phone that drops more calls than any wireless service I've ever had. Well it's been 3 days so far and I have dropped verizon DSL and gone to cable. Wow, much faster, my cell contract is up in May and they will be history for that. Had the Verizon phone disconnected at the trailer, we will use the cell. Looking into the cheapest thing Verizon has for home, no voice mail, call waiting or other gimmicks just incase of power loss, and going to Vonage for primary phone. Not going to give anyone one company, espically one that has people working for them that has an IQ 2 points higher than a hammer, the advantage of holding me hostage again.

- Verizon H8er ID: 08135A

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