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02/20/08 | 0:31AM
Should I take Verizon to court?

My husband was deployed with the Army to Iraq in Dec 2005 to Oct 2006. He went a week before he was deployed and suspended his wireless service with Verizon. He gave them his ID and a copy of his orders and everything was fine. That is until we relized that his account was not suspended and we were still being charged $100 a month. Over the next year, we spent countless hours on the phone to Verizon (my husband called Verizon from Iraq atleast 3 times), faxing them his ID and deployment papers 3 other times. We were assured by every service rep we talked to that my husbands account would be suspended but never was. He was put into collections and paid about $1200 and used 0 minutes. We come to find out about 7 months into the ordeal that his deployment papers did not have his SSN on them, so they would not work. This was the first time anyone had even hinted to this being the problem. We got a letter from his Commander (which is not easy to do) stating the dates he was in Iraq and still we got no response from Verizon. I am planning on taking them to small claims court, but I am worried that I dont have enough 'hard' evidence, since most of the conversations took place over the phone. Please let me know if anyone has had similar problems or what i should do to get more concrete evidence. I am going to be mailing them everything again thru certified mail and I will make ONE MORE phone call to them pleading my case. Then it is off to court cause this is bullshit....

- Verizon H8er ID: 2C9B3C

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02/29/08 | 0:01AM
I say go for it! Your husband and you should be honored for your service to our country, not treated the way Verizon has treated you! Please update on the progress.

- Verizon H8er ID: B710CB

05/12/09 | 23:20PM
This is more like a problem compare to some other posts. I say go for it, give them this last chance and if it doesnt work out, see them in court.

- Verizon H8er ID: 98AAE0

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