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02/23/08 | 18:41PM
Beware when you change phones

My son broke his cell phone in mid-December. I gave him an old Kyocera until he got a new one. It would not activate online so we called and had it activated. I got the cell phone bill in mid January with the usual teen-age 5000+text messages and was charged 15 cents for all of them. After picking myself off the floor, I went out to the Verizon store and was told exactly what happened. Because the old Kyocera would not support the features we had enabled, all were dropped from his feature list. The Verizon representative was quite familiar with this problem and worked for quite awhile submitting the $600.00+ refund to my account. Because it was over $500.00 the request had to go to a manager and would take a few days.
I received a call a month later from Verizon about my $1000.00 + bill. I spoke with 3 different reps and there was no record of any refund request. The first one said something like "If we took $700.00 and something off your bill...could you pay xxx and blah blah blah " but did not recognize it as a Verizon mistake and was vague about the entire transaction. The next two reps I spoke with said they had no record of that offer or any record of a refund request.

The next day I went to the local outlet and they saw it plain as day on their computer.

- Verizon H8er ID: 141502

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