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02/28/08 | 17:39PM
Customers Bad, Telecommunications Bad

As a former Cingular Wireless/Spring/Verizon employee, I can say that cust service reps get frustrated easily because of the stupidity that they have to deal with every day. At the same time, so do the customers – and it’s not fair to them.

Sprint was the worst. They let any and everyone get service with them (and think they are outsmarting the customer by making it to where they will block once their bill hits a certain dollar amount) but instead, the customers just pay enough to stay under the limit and keep calling in wanting to know why they are turned off. (You still have to pay d*mn bill on time idiots.) One guy walked into the store to tell me how his phone cuts out right? Well, in the store it wouldn't do it so he literally begins banging the phone on the counter to try and cut it off. Another guy threatened to go to Cingular b/c we wouldn't replace his Sprint Phone when it had an entire HINGE missing from it. (I'm serious. I literally couldn't open the phone without exposing the wires in it). I couldn’t help but to look at him like an idiot ok? I literally asked him what he did to that phone. I’ve never seen one so damaged IN MY LIFE and he snapped back saying that he’ll just go to Cingular. I happily told him that I just left Cingular and I could PROMISE him that they wouldn't have taken a phone like that into warranty. Of course he knew he was in the wrong and stormed out of the store.

Cingular was pure hell - no denying it. I hated being a customer service rep there because we caused our own problems on this one. You see, we began issuing credits for each and every little thing and word got out and customers started bitching about if we gave this person a credit then they should get one too. The main problem was people who SWORE they couldn't get service, and would have 2,000 peak minutes burned up! 30 min calls, hour-long calls, you name it! When I try to get them with a tech, they'd specifically say, "No, I just want a credit." I'd politely advise them that giving them a credit every month isn't going to fix the "horrendous" problem that they claim you have - and they'd get mad, hang up in my face and then call back talking about I gave them bad customer service. My personal all-time favorite was this lady who called in (and these were her EXACT words): “I just filed an insurance claim with you people and my son pulled his phone out of his pocket and it was broken. Do I have to file another insurance claim?” You see what I mean? Stupid! I was a smartas* with her – I’ll admit that. I asked her, “If you wreck your car on Monday and on Tuesday you wreck it again, do you have to file another insurance claim?” I mean common sense. So she went to ranting about how our service is horrible (I wonder what that has to do with the insurance claim) and she’s switching to another provider.

Customers want you to do things at wireless companies that NO ONE else does. You can’t go into Wal-Mart and say, “I’ve been a customer for 10 years. Can I have that flat screen free?” You can’t do that anywhere else! Why do it to us? The customer knows the answer before they call in and they do it anyway.

You see, with most customers like that, if you don't give them their way, they all of a sudden it's bad customer service. You can't wait until your phone is disconnected due to non-payment to say, "My bill was wrong. That’s why I didn’t pay it." and get a credit for the problem AND for the reconnection fee! The minute you call us, we can fix it, but only if you call in about it BEFORE THE PHONE CUTS OFF. I even had a customer call in saying, "My friend was with AT&T (this was before the merger and buyout) and he got a free phone w/ a leather case and a charger (blah blah blah) and I was wondering what you were going to give me!" I'm serious. He literally was 3 months into a contract, already signed up and just called in to see what he got free b/c someone else got something free AT A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COMPANY. It's ridiculous. Lots of customers call on holidays to see if they are free. When we tell them no, it would be, “Well, AT&T does free holidays.” And I’d smart right back off and say, “Does AT&T do rollover?” Of course, they’d hang up in my face too. If you like what another company has, go to that company.

Verizon wasn't so bad. We had retarded customers that wanted the sun, rain, moon, stars and mountains and most times, I could make them admit it and they still just wanted to bitch and complain.

That's the bad side of customers...

Now let's get to the good side....

Being a former employee of all these places (and having ex boyfriends that still work there and such), I knew to just go to them every time I had an issue because the customer service reps are so stupid. There was a time when customer service jobs paid GOOD money. These companies are making the mistake of thinking that since people can read and write, anyone can provide customer service and ergo, do so at a smaller wage - and the customers are being punished for it.

Every-single-damn-time I call into Verizon Wireless I have a problem. I've already looked into the notes on the system and know that the info is in my account BEFORE I call in to get someone done just for some little snot-nosed boy to tell me it's not there (not knowing, I've looked in Verizon's system over the counter in the store and I know it is and he's just bullsh*tting me.) I've had features ripped off my account because the rep didn't like me, I've had my plan changed to the point where I would have been thousands of dollars in overages if I didn't know to call back and check behind every rep that deals with me - and now that I'm up under my mom/dad and we're on a family plan, all hell has broken loose. I know FOR A FACT that Verizon does once-a-year courtesies to people who have been with them for years and hasn't ever had any problems with the company and has never paid late. I was denied that courtesy, just to tell another rep about it a month later and be issued a much smaller credit on that particular bill (when I didn't even need it). I have the most expensive phones always. I have the inside scoop on what phones work best (your best bet is LG) and truth be told, the phones are good. I've dropped my LGs in water (twice), left them on heating pads to eventually burn my face, (I'm an idiot) and dropped them countless times. The few times I replace my phone, it was just because I knew I could do so every year or so without penalty. I still have every last one of my phones (for the exception of the one I lost) and my family members use them if they lose their own all the time.

Bottom line, Verizon has the best service and the best quality phones. I know there are a lot of people out here that will quickly say no so here are some tips.

1.) Stop getting the free phone
2.) LGs are the best
3.) Please get the d*mn insurance! God! It's a friggin' $500 phone for the company and you're looking at $5 a month! Stop saying, "I probably won't need it." because the reps do note on the acct that you said you didn't want it and when you call back SWEARING you were never offered, they will bring it up.
4.) Go into the store instead of customer service on the phone. Once they get used to you and familiar with you, they will be nicer and go out of their way more for you. The reps in the call centers are complete idiots (and their own managers have admitted this to me). Like I said, because they are so cheap to pay people, folks are going to work as hard as you pay them to.
5.) Anytime you do something like get a plan change, call RIGHT BACK (just push zero twice after dialing 611. You'll get STRAIGHT through that way!) and ask the rep what the notes say. They can't read them word for word, but they can tell you generally speaking what they say. That way, if something isn't kosher, you can attack it then. I had to keep a poor rep on the phone for 45 minutes last week because the retard boy I asked to change my plan ON OUR BILL CYCLE DATE and he changed it effective that day! Not only will it cause us to go over (b/c Verizon takes away minutes when you cut your plan off in the middle of the month), but we lost the 2,000 promotional minutes that we had on there causing our prorated mins to go lower!

*Note: I'll quickly explain this. Promotional minutes are a feature so they don't prorate. You either have them or you don't, but the minutes on your plan do. My family shared 6,000 minutes among all four of us. We were at 5,994 with 3 days left in the bill cycle. Because he changed the plan 3 days shy, it took away 550+/- minutes and the 2,000 disappears right then so we officially went over right then and there.

Now, for a customer service rep working at Verizon, that was a huge booboo on their part because any retard rep knows about proration and he shouldn't have touched the plan until the bill cycle changed - or post dated the plan's changes. Even the manager I had to escalate to called the boy an idiot! A regular customer who just wants a phone to work isn't even going to know to ask all of these type of questions. I do, and it's still an uphill battle every time I pick up the phone to deal with them.

I've had a ton of problems with them, but this is the just most recent and the easiest to explain to the public.

So in a nutshell, there are problems on both ends, but customers aren't required to give great customer service. The customer service reps are.

- Verizon H8er ID: F1502F

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