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02/29/08 | 16:23PM
Verizon's Security is now compromised

A University of Virginia graduate student and two fellow hackers say they have cracked the encryption code that protects billions of credit cards, subway passes and security badges.

With readily available equipment that cost less than $1,000, 26-year-old Karsten Nohl and his two Germany-based partners dismantled a tiny chip that is found inside many "smartcards" and mapped out its secret security algorithm.

With the cryptographic formula in hand, the hackers were then able to run it through a computer program that tried out every possible key. It broke the encryption after a few hours. If they were to try again, Nohl said, it would take a matter of minutes.

HAHAHA ! New Headline "Verizon spends Billions for New Security Concern"

- Verizon H8er ID: 120279

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