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03/05/08 | 23:39PM
Absolutely Flat Out Lied Too TWICE!!!!

Well where do I start? The company I work with has a plan with verizon to provide a discount of 20%. I was told that in order to get a blackberry at a discounted price, I needed to sign up for a data package putting my bill somewhere in the 80 dollar range. The salesman even specifically told me that my bill after the discount would be $62. So, when I go to apply the discount, wouldn't you know it, it only applies to the calling plan...convenient for Verizon. So I'm a bit ticked off but there isnt really anything I can do about it so i stay with them. Well, I call to complain one night and a rep tells me that instead of paying 175 dollars to get out of my contract, I can get out for free since I switched the contract from my mom's name to my name. So, naturally cause they blow ass, I do. Well today my bill comes with a big old charge for $175 on it. I call Verizon and they tell me that this was their mistake yet they could only take 50% off that 175. What the hell? So I tell them that the rep I spoke with specifically told me that I wouldn't be held responsible for the 175. I even asked to make sure that there was some way of documenting it. She tells me she put it in the notes which, as I found out today, means jack shit. So after talking to 3 people and a lot of meaningless apologies from Verizon, I am given an address to send my dispute to. Absolutely crap. I have to say, and I don't usually get upset about these kinds of things, that I have never seen a company with such awful business practices and so little support for what their OWN reps tell customers. It appears they can say whatever the hell they want and Verizon will NOT honor it. I am so thoroughly disappointed with the way they run their organization and plan to call corporate offices tomorrow to see if someone there doesn't sit behind a script lying directly to my face. Please, switch to another carrier, AT&T has been nothing but accommodating since I joined them and they are the type of organization I would work for and support.

- Verizon H8er ID: 0FE08A

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