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03/15/08 | 22:47PM
The "S' in DSL sure doesn't stand for service

My DSL line went out. I used to work as an IT tech, so I figured between their technicians and myself we could figure this out. Wrong. After multiple days of calling their Helpless desk in India, and hundreds of cell phone minutes, the only thing that was accomplished was that I am switching to Comcast for internet and phone.

I would call daily, ask the status of the trouble ticket, find out that it had been closed without telling me, and told to call billing. Billing would confirm that I had a DSL subscription, and tell me to call the help desk. I would call the help desk, they would have me open another ticket and tell me that the problem was inside my house, and they would dispatch a tech.

My wife or daughter would wait all day (they give the appointment time as sometime between 8AM and 7PM) and no tech would show. I would call back and find the ticket closed, and again be told to contact billing. After 3 weeks, I gave up. Now, after reading the blogs, I hope I can at least get them to stop billing me without cancelling my credit card.

- Verizon H8er ID: F6A68A

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