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03/21/08 | 16:59PM
Verizon Jobs!!

I have to say something.
just a couple of things.

1. Verizon telephone Techs are in india
( this service sucks )
2. The Verizon Internet (DSL) techs are all in America, and They do not suck! Granted you might get a bad tech to help you with your DSL, but not all of them are bad. Just like with any company some techs are worse then others.
Verizon has thier bad techs if you have a problem with them then Hang up and get another tech. Some of them are trained in the tech field and some are not. They are following walk throughs and more then likey don't know anymore then you do about what the problem is.
So anyways, Be patient with them and give them as much info you can top help them narrow down the problem. They are a

Get real people. There are more things to look at then just yourself..
Things in the world make up more then just you.
and just think if it was just you can only about you then everyone else would be freakin zombies..

So get a life, don't complain about stuff and know how it is to walk in anothers shoes before you open your mouths.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4C5EE3

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03/22/08 | 17:45PM
just another verizon flunkie sticking up for the nazi company. smarten up nit wit, verizon is failing and will soon be a non player in the business. keep sticking up for ivan and his millions while you get screwed every chance the company gets. and have fun when the strike happens in august

- Verizon H8er ID: F0DB23

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