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03/22/08 | 8:22AM
I feel like I am among friends here...

I hate verizon. I know how they survive. Innocent people who just pay their bills and ask no questions. A very good contract that lets them get away with anything they want to. They are laughing at the legal system, and at us.
I didn't learn the first time I guess. I started with verizon DSL. I found a duly authorized third party on a webpage that took orders for verizon. I set up an appointment, nobody ever showed up. They were relentless in trying to collect from me. Didn't take long, and I dumped them for dial-up. Lucky for me I had the presence of mind to report/contest it with the Consumer Affairs. They managed to get verizon off my back... the address is on the back of the occational bill.
Next I was on vacation in Utah. Poor little Ephraim UT. Has only one Provider, you guessed it, verizon. (I hate them so much... I have all kinds of family there being sucked dry by verizarape) Well, I hoped to myself that the DSL thing was an honest mistake.
Needless to say it was worse the second time, and I didn't even get kissed.
I went in asking specifically for a non-contract plan. They lied to me and told me there was no such thing. Pointing out a poster on the wall that had the contract plans available. I asked if the $39.00 plan was the cheapest one available. They said yes, (another lie, they had a $34.00 plan which wasn't listed.)
I'd been charged no less then $69.00 a month, up to $100.oo a month for a $39.00 plan... Oh how I missed Metro PCS, and my last provider Cingular who I'd moved my number from...
Well I wont stand being decieved, and they got cut off. I don't do business with criminals, and I certainly don't pay for a lack of service so profound as to boggle the mind.
My perfect credit is fouled up, I had a score well over 700... I don't care. I am going to take them to court. I don't know the law per sey, but it seems like if someone lies to you to get you to sign a contract, that contract is null and void. Wish me luck, their flunky Alert Cellular is trying to get in on the feeding frenzy by saying they need an additional $350, (they'll take $250) in addition to verizons $285 for service and disconnect fees. Is there no justice? Is there no penalties for such a slimy dirtbag company?
My poor family... I thought about it, and with the tactics they use, they are probably charging my family trumped up charges to make up for my not paying. In addition to collecting...
They wasted no time at all in selling my old phone number to some spanish speaking lady...

- Verizon H8er ID: FD1C24

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