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03/27/08 | 22:17PM
Verizon are Criminals!!!!

I recently went through the worst customer service experience in my life with Verizon and I have been a long time customer. Basically, I opened a service request to have a technician come out and look at my phone line due to a humming noise on my line. I had to wait two weeks for service and was assured because the problem was outside my house I did not have to be home. I got home late that night from work and found out I had zero phone service (all phones dead). I called Verizon service that night and they said someone would be out the next day. To summarize the long story of “4 lies” and 48 hours later the problem was fixed. The technician fried something in the network interface box and was the reason I did not have service.

Verizon lied to me over and over again and kept putting me off and making excuses so I immediately pulled my phone and dsl and within a week I was with a competitor. So you think the story is over?? Not quite… Here comes the billing mess.

It is now late March and I have received 3 bills from Verizon all within a few days. One for DSL dated March 19th for zero, one for a credit I owe on phone service of a few dollars (no big deal), and tonight a bill dated March 19th for dsl pointing to another account number I never had. It appears that when phone service is cancelled they have to make up another account to bill you. The amount is for 50.00 and with credits due to cancellation of service it comes to over 33.00.

I called Verizon this evening and spoke to someone in India. The person says I owe the money for something called an “amicable commitment” meaning and early termination fee for canceling dsl within a year. I remember when signing up for dsl about 5 or 6 years ago I had a commitment of a year but this is 5 or so years later so I think this hidden charge which I was not aware of is fraud!!!!!!! Verizon did send me some emails when I had DSL to click on a link to accept some kind of agreement which I never accepted because I already had the service. I am not done here and will fight this.

If I have an agreement with Verizon they need to prove it……

- Verizon H8er ID: D88239

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