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04/01/08 | 15:56PM
Worst service ever!!!

I live in a rural area under the Verizon monopoly of Southern Illinois. No other carriers are offered. My LAN line went out on Dec 15 2007. I called verizon and they said someone would be out to fix it the next day. I still had no service the day afterward. When I called back they told me the problem was fixed. This continued for six days. The service reps would tell me someone would be out at a certain time, but every time they lied. Only after I berated the service rep and threatened legal action did the problem get partially fixed. My line is still full of static.

Afterward, I was to be reimbursed for the six days of no service, but had to "remind" Verizon twice before it actually happened.

I feel Verizon cares nothing for their customers and is only in it for the money.

- Verizon H8er ID: 99E53F

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04/02/08 | 14:15PM
what the company did is a front end closeout. they test the lines from the office and if the test comes back ok, they do what is called scrubbing jobs. they complete the job as being fixed when in reality no tech has been out to actually fix the job. best thing to do is call your local public utilities commission or call1-800-483-7988 which is the verizon presidential appeal hotline. as a tech for this company i can vouch for the poor service they have provided in the last ten years and this is why they are losing customers by the thousands. also, on august 2nd of this year the union will strike against verizon and the service will gt worse if thats possible.

- Verizon H8er ID: 29600C

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