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04/04/08 | 13:44PM
Horrible Internal Communication

I have been in contact with customer support reps several times - all the way up to a manager. Of course that happened only after waiting on the phone for an hour and 20 minutes one time to get dropped. Then waiting an hour the next time and going through 5 tiers of customer service reps to get to the manager. (funny how some reps even tell you they cant put you through to a manager, then some tell me they have never heard of that policy at all).

The manager told me my account would be wiped of charges after an investigation was done over the next 3 days. He told me I would receive calls regarding the status of those investigations. Nothing happened. Now all I get is calls from their billing staff who repeatedly ignore my 'after 5' request that they say they always add in, and I request to speak to a manager every time after 5. In fact, I always start by asking if they can please forward me to a line to record the phone call because they keep no record of anything that is said. It is by far the worst record keeping company I have ever imagined. I also request for them to just cut to the chase and send me straight to a manager. Of course there is never a supervisor on hand IN THE ENTIRE COMPANY. Funny how a CALL CENTER doesnt know how to TRANSFER phone calls sometimes too. They say they will call me back, but I have yet to receive a call back. I have been called 5+ times by billing - only once did they call me after 5 like they said they would. Recently I spoke with a billing rep, then a service rep, then a tech rep, and finally another tech rep who said he would leave an email for his supervisor to call me back the next day regarding my problem. Did I receive a call back - No. Instead I got another call from a billing rep so I had to explain everything over again. I have been on the phone probably a collective 4 hours with your representatives, and NOTHING has been done. There are no warm transfers, their internal communication is unacceptable, and I don't know if a single employee there knows how to take notes. I loved when they scolded me for not taking my laptop to the store to have my problem looked at - only after I had specifically told the technical support rep a month earlier that I did not even have a lap top. Great note taking skills right there. This is getting rediculous - I work in a call center environment as well and any one of our employees would be fired on the spot for leading such a poor customer service experience. I have simple instructions - to talk to someone other than a useless representative who can't help me (and always say they can't too), and to have my situation taken care of just as the original manager told me. All of this AFTER 5 central.

By the way, my problem originated when my internet card just decided to stop working. I paid my bill for a month despite it not even working, then I got fed up with it. This is when I made the mistake of seeking help from them. They acted like it was my area, but I had moved and still had the same problem (I am within a quarter mile of 3 towers now - yeah, don't tell me I am too far from reception). Then they instruct me that I need to drive around to every store I can until I find a store that has the new software (because I can't download it obviously with my internet not working). I instruct them I have a desktop and I don't feel it is my need to drive around to find a solution to a problem I didn't cause. However, I did it anyway. First it takes 4 stores to find one that has the software, then they tell me THEY CANT GIVE IT TO ME. Are you kidding me? Oh and of course the tech support reps say I didn't go through any troubleshooting steps. All of this because their record keeping is the worst I have ever seen. To their credit - I did speak to one customer service rep who was quite helpful - so I was nice back, and I talked to one manager who was quite helpful (promised I wouldn't pay a dime). Of course he turned out to be a liar. Note to anyone out there - when you talk to them - forward your call to a recorded line at work. They suddenly lose their smartass attitude when you instruct them that THEY are being recorded and always have been. I told them to go ahead and sue me - I'd love to fry them in court with the evidence I have. Note to them - don't mess with someone who works in a call center that actually DOES record all phone calls and someone who actually DOES take notes. Anyway, I also have verizon phone service and it has been great. Then again I use a non-corporate sponsored verizon store that actually gives me straight-up answers and not corporate jargon. So far it has been great.

- Verizon H8er ID: DE3C85

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04/04/08 | 14:50PM
By the way, I have just finished reporting this problem to the better business bureau. I would suggest others do the same if you keep getting charged unjustly like this.

- Verizon H8er ID: DE3C85

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