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04/04/08 | 19:30PM
What a dreadful company!

I think verizon must have the very worst system (or lack therof) for customers who call for service. I recently received 2 extra TV sets, and decided to call Verizon to have a technician install two new cable boxes. What seemed to be a simple request turned out to be anything but. Trying to get in touch with the right department was impossible. After being on hold for the longest time I spoke to an "associate" who said she was in billing, and knew nothing about FIOS Tv service. I have lost track of how many frustrating phone calls I placed. Once I got through to the correct department, arrangements were quickly made for a technician to come to my house. He came on time and installed the boxes. However, for some reason, which he could not explain, he could not get the boxes to provide the higher channels (above 50). He said there was some technical glitch and the channels would probably come on later. However, this morning they were still not available. I called the number on the screen (which comes up when I try to get a high numbered channel, such as 144) because it said that I would speak to a customer service rep. who could get the channels working for me. However, when I called the number given, I got the same old run-around. At one point the automated voice said "We are sorry, we can no longer process your call", or words to that effect, and hung up on me. I tried again, and eventually spoke to another associate. I explained about the missing TV channels and her response was "Do you make many international calls?". When I asked what that had to do with my TV, she simply said it would only take a minute to explain the calling package. She put me on hold, and when she came back told me I could call England for 8 cents a minute. I told her that's what I pay now, and she said, "Oh sorry, I see you already have the calling plan." Then, unbelievably, she started asking about my internet service. At that I lost my temper and said I only want to get my TV channels. She then put me thtrough to a man (tech support I imagine) who said that Verizon knew about my problem and was working on it. I should have the channels up and running by Monday (two days hence), he said. We'll see.
I could go on and on, but you get the picture. I asked the last person I talked to for the name of the President of Verizon--it is an individual by the name of Ivan Seidenberg.

- Verizon H8er ID: 503F53

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