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04/14/08 | 1:23AM

Ok, I am a disgruntled ex-employee. Left at end of March this year 2008. So lets talk about Verizon:

Bundling - Was intended to allow customers that purchased home phone and cell phone and dsl and Dtv to put all on one bill and save money. It does do that, however, the local managers at the call centers have gone a step further. They decide that bundling also includes adding an international calling plan (which only 1% of customer need but 96% get it added in bundle) it cost extra. Also, when you order DSl we add the games, virus and backup with or without your permission. It works like this, you get 15 days free for games and 30 days free for others. But if you dont call back to take it off, even if you didnt order it, it will charge you forever. We must re-cap on our orders, but we are taught to do this in a way that you the customer will not understand what we are adding. We recieve points for our sales, but more important, we can be terminated if we do not stick on the extra's. This is just the top of the iceburg, you would not believe how many ways we are taught to lie, cheat and steal in order to make our quota's. The local managers in each call center, there are 4 in Verginia and 3 in Maryland, one in West Virginia and 1 in DC. These 9 call centers make up the Potomac District. Each call center is run by a call center manager and under him or her are team leaders. Each team leader supervises about 18 to 25 consultants that answer the phone when a customer calls. The consultants are monitored for their sales (must lie and cheat to get enough to keep out of trouble) they must also attempt to sell something on every call, doesnt matter what customer calls about, as our jobs are based on the sales we make, if you call with a problem we are encouraged to get rid of you as quick as possible. The actual system that you call to get into the call center is structured to allow those that are looking for new services (money calls) to get through, the other calls are put in a que that will eventually allow the customer to get in, if that customer has a lot of paitence and doesnt make the wrong choice on the voice prompt. The team leaders started this year having their salary's based on the sales of their consultants. It used to be that their bonus was based on the sales, but by making their salary's based on their workers sales, the company hopes to increase the incentive's to sell. This does work as my own teamleader has basically said "if they aint buying get them off and get another one" all the calls for the DSL (computer) is now outsourced to India. If you get DSL and have a problem we attempt to sale you something new, we automatically add the Virus protection ($4.99) and backup ($4.99) and games package ($14.99) monthly to your account, then we transfer you to India and after you hold for a extreem time, you are helped by someone that makes almost nothing and speaks almost English. When we sell you DTV we are encouraged to sell you the most expensive package as that is what is incented the most. We explain that your bill will be (whatever) but we never explain that you will also pay another third of your charges in taxes and surcharges. Now to be fair we do say your bill will be $59.99 (example cost) with taxes and surcharges. But we say it fast and we never explian the cost of these items. There is so much more but I gota get up realy to look for a new job, so I will post more later. Just remember, Verizon is not your friend, we are after your money and as far as customer service, live with it.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4F01D0

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04/14/08 | 14:33PM
dear bundling,
What is the easiest way to get the very minimum cost of hm phone and dsl? I'm so sick of Verizon but I don't know if I have much choice out here.
also, my home phone is not working and they said a tech would be here by 6pm. I called to get in touch with the tech and they said I can't. Is that true?

- Verizon H8er ID: 9D2623

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