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04/29/08 | 15:37PM
Will I ever have a phone?

I was moving to a new house, which had no network interface device. I arranged a month in advance of my move date for Verizon to come out and install a new NID and transfer my existing phone service. I was told to be there from 12pm-5pm. Everything seemed fine...

The day came, and the day went. I called Verizon at 4:50pm and was told my order had been completed. But there's no NID, no one has shown up! The customer service rep says she can see that there is a dial tone- they cut off my service at the old address a day early and transferred it to a location with no way to connect the service!
I stayed on the phone for an hour, getting bounced back and forth between installation and billing before getting put on hold to wait for a supervisor. After another 20m, I'm told a supervisor will call me back.

On what phone? I'm busy fixing things in the new house and don't have (or want) a cell phone. Finally I tell them my parent's number and go over there to decompress. After another hour, the supervisor finally calls back. I've explained the problem 5 times now, and they tell me there's no way they can have someone out any earlier than a week and a half! I tell the supervisor this is unacceptable and they need to get this resolved or they lose me as a customer. The supervisor says someone will call me (again, what phone?) before Monday morning, and also takes 2 email addresses (although since I use Verizon for DSL, I have no network connection at my new house or my old apartment).

Monday morning comes, I check my email from my parents' house (no response) and call Verizon. There is no record of me talking to anyone on Friday, so I explain everything again. I get bounced to installation again, who say they can't install an NID at all, then get bounced back to billing. I get a supervisor again, and she gets installation on the phone again. We go through the same runaround I've been through too many times to count by now, and finally come back with the same date for the NID more than a week away.
The supervisor finally puts me on hold for another 20m, and comes back to say they can install the NID the next day between 8 and 5, but I can't take any more time off work. We finally settle on a date 2 days away when my wife can work from home (without a phone or internet) and be around.

Now we'll see if they can fix this mess finally. As soon as the NID is installed, we're switching our phone and DSL to another company.

- Verizon H8er ID: 424F5E

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