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05/01/08 | 17:15PM
VZ NJ Landline - the worst experience ever

I was hired for $56,000/yr and figured it would be the culmination of my call ctr career. The rigorous testing they put you thru had no connection to the 3 mo training program. I was not told about the horrible Legacy system we would need to use to enter packages. I did come on board knowing I had to "sell DSL and Directv and onebill" but was not told that the systems in place were ancient and not supportive. Our trainer Shawna spent the time talking about her own life and then we had 4 horrible elimination tests which resulted in trainees getting fired at various intervals. No support on the floor either.You could not get out of the screen to help the next caller until you finished your order (which was like this I^PGO8F/TTR/NDF/....") Lines of code! I left with chest pains and had to go to the ER.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1CB424

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01/19/10 | 20:12PM
I can relate 150%. Since your post it has gotten worse. Team coaches pay is related to their teams sales. From what I understand it's 1/3 of their pay. You have to sell everything, even if it a 95 year old lady with 650.00 dollar social security you are expected to sell her everything, even if she tells you no she can't afford it you have to see the top end packages and overcome objections twice on all services. This Verizon, formally Bell Atlantic is not the same company it once was. It is becoming the next MCI. You saw what happened to them. Corporate greed has cost good jobs, reduction in services, and poor service levels as well as questionable sales practices.

- Verizon H8er ID: 303A84

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