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05/16/08 | 1:24AM
Just shoot me

I am a Verizon tech with 10 years service.I have seen the good and the bad.I'm a second generation Bell System employee.When i was hired, I thought this would be the best job I would ever have.I really excelled at my position.I loved my job.I took great pride in my work.I went the extra mile for my customers.This all changed when we became Verizon.Bell Atlantic bought a pathetic company called GTE.GTE management soon took over my great company.Now we are one of the worst telecommunication companys in the world.I held on to my good work practices for as long as anybody could.After years of beating into my head the policy of productivity is all that matters, I could not stand it anymore.I had to get out.I luckily transfered to the construction side of the business.Over here quality still takes a priority.Sadly, today I was forced to work trouble calls.The state of the outside plant is disgusting.I blame the company completely.They have broken their best employees.They have destroyed an entire generations hard work in a few years.If you can't get FIOS, good luck.All I can tell my customers is that I am sorry.I truly am.If I do get your trouble ticket, I will do my best to resolve it.Please remember I am only human.I can only fix one line at a time.I am not allowed to work overtime to fix your line tonight.My spirit is broken.


- Verizon H8er ID: 25004A

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05/18/08 | 11:38AM
i got 9 years and all this is correct.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8BB47E

06/16/08 | 20:43PM
I have 20 years and man is he ever right!!!
Was a good company to work for, but not any more. Hurry hurry hurry, productivity is all that matters. Not for nothing but some, not all,of the technicians are useless, lazy and don't want to earn their pay. Seen it all...........

- Verizon H8er ID: 65037C

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