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05/24/08 | 20:46PM
Verizon customer service sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

VERIZON CALL CENTER REPS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Back again with another incident with Verizon call center in Bellevue Wash.
I always check my minutes used 8 days before the end of my billing cycle.
Set the alarm on your phone to remind you, it will save you from going over on
your minutes, .45 a minute for overage usage will add up quickly.
If you think you may go over, pay the $20.00 for the minute upgrade package.
That equals out to be about 44 minutes @.45 a minute versus 450 minutes
@ .04 cents a minute. Verizon phone reps won’t tell you this because they want you
To pay the .45 overage fee.
I called Verizon yesterday to find out why my phone usage seemed so high.
I have a 450 minute calling plan fro 39.99 a month.
The phone rep (Victoria EXT#3752) told me that there was a problem with their
computer system calculating the minute usage for Hawaii customers. (That seemed a
little strange to me why only people in Hawaii were affected by the "glitch")
She stated that I shouldn’t worry about the 8 minutes that I was presently over and
that all the customers she had helped in Hawaii were experiencing the same problem.
I then asked her if she could guarantee me that I was not over my allotted minutes.
She said no, I then asked her if she told everyone she talked to in Hawaii about not
“worrying” about the computer generated call usage, she replied yes.
I asked her "what if the usage was correct as far as being over their allotted minutes?
would they be charged the .45 a minute fee. She said yes, they would be charged
the .45 a minute rate. I gave her the cost comparison with paying the $20.00 for the
44 minutes as opposed to the 450 minutes. She seemed dumbfounded when I explained the cost break down per minute. I immediately asked her to change my plan to the 900 minute plan for the additional $20.00 and to speak to her supervisor. She told me that I made her feel like she was not doing her job correctly. I told her if you received erroneous information from a call center rep that cost you money wouldn’t she feel the same way? I explained to her that she should have offered
her customers the option of purchasing the minute upgrade just in case, and if the don’t go over,
the money would be refunded, "no harm no foul" but at least they would be protected against
I am sure this will cost a lot of people in Hawaii a lot of money.
Her manager (Laurie EXT 3080) apologized for the misinformation, what a joke, this supervisor
told me two weeks ago that I would have to pay for a software upgrade (WM5) for a replacement
phone I had received from Asurion. I asked to speak to level 2 tech support who gave me the download website for free.
It seems that the phone reps at Verizon are full of misinformation (S***T).
Every time I ask to speak to upper management I am told that they will not accept calls from
customers. WHY????????, because non of the call center supervisors want to be held accountable
for their or their subordinates actions. No contact with upper management means that they can continue to provide the same crappy service without being held accountable.
Hey!!!!!!!! Doug B5nson and Rick D9sch, upper management for the Bellevue call center according
to Laurie @ EXT 3080, GET OFF YOUR A***S and train your employees properly!!!!!!!
It seems like your call center is full of McDonalds rejects!!!!!! The only reason I stay with Verizon
is because I spent $780.00 on a PDA phone that is only supported by Verizon (at the moment) With WIFI cell phones and VOIP your days are numbered.
I let my contract lapse and it would be a cold day in hell before I sign another contract with Verizon!!!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW????!!!!!!!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: 1F793C

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07/26/10 | 2:12AM
Bellevue, WA is not a real VZW call center. They are outsourced.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 50893C

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