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05/27/08 | 0:58AM
Very Backwards, Lazy Concept Of Customer Service

I believe in being positive whenever possible. So before I say anything else I'll say this: I have never had a problem with any hardware purchased at their stores. I have never had a problem with signal quality on my cell and have only lost my signal in two placed - in the subway and in the mountains. I also will say that whenever I have called 611 to speak to someone from Verizon about whatever, they have always been courteous and knowledgable. I don't expect anyone to kiss up to me. Just be civil and give me the impression that you know what you're doing. A little goes a long way for me. Having said all of that....

The 20 somethings that work there, either the Justin Timberlake wannabes or the hot busty chick who gives everyone a hint of attitude and stink eye because she hates her life ALL need to be fired. And here's why kids. Stay with me.

Recently I wanted to upgrade my phones. I have been a customer for years. And I now wanted to go to the store and shell out ungodly amounts of cash for new phones. I would think that I'd be made to feel welcome. But no.

In the stores here in California, they have these "queues" they put you in now. You go in and put your name in at a kiosk, and enter the reason you're there. Depending on your reason, you go in to either a Sales, Customer Service or Technical Support queue. Your name is displayed on LCDs throughout the store telling you what place in line you have.

The customer service queue should basically be renamed to the "undesirable" queue. Twice at two different locations (I waited over a half hour at the first location and never got helped) I entered that I was there for a "phone upgrade" which puts you in the sales queue. As soon as anyone in the store finds out you're already a Verizon customer, you cease to matter.

It doesn't matter that you're a long time customer and are there to drop much more cash than a cell phone is worth. They instantly bump you into the "customer service" queue. Where you will then stand and wait. And wait. While they proceed to help everyone else in the store.

Because they don't care and don't appear to be trained to. And our society is too weak and politically correct to flat out fire these 20ish year old asshole kids who work in these places.

The only reason I got any kind of expedient service the second time around is because after having been through this before, I got pissed and said flat out "I'm not here for customer service. That's why I didn't put myself in that queue. I'm here to upgrade my phone which involves me spending more money than I already have. I don't deserve to be made to stand here and wait while you guys help everyone else just because I already have an account."

Yes if you're willing to drop a few bills you can get a good phone. The signal quality is good and reliable. The Verizon folks who answer when you call 611 are friendly, knowledgable and very helpful. But the people in the stores are assholes and don't get the fact that if you're already a customer, you should actually be getting treated just as well if not better than some foreign bitch from Euro anywhere who can't make up her mind. Or worse, wants to make changes once everything's done. I'm sticking around for another 12 months and then to hell with them.

- Verizon H8er ID: F996F9

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