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05/28/08 | 14:08PM
Before you choose Verizon you might want to read the email I sent them this morning.

To whom it probably doesn't concern:
Between the agonizingly slow web site speed, the apparent unannounced changes on the web site, the frustrating "temporarily out of order" messages, the fact that your system doesn't even recognize my 2 year payment history, the service numbers that route me to the wrong departments, the 4 different representatives that have heard my very long agonizing story only to either forward me to numbers that disconnect me or give me numbers that have constant busy signals, 10 minute hold times on lines that I was misdirected to, an automated system that tells me it will honor my type of Debit Card but after spending 10 minutes punching in information the final result is "sorry we don't take your type of card", my head is about to explode!
I have been trying on and off over the last week to pay my bill just as I always have ever since I have been with this company. You apparently can not make one time payments any more with out entering your life history and even then it wouldn't work. I can not believe that after explaining what a hard time I was having and expressing my frustration (in a calm manner) that none of the 4 different representatives could help me or figure out who could help me. The answer from all of them was a promise that the person they were about to transfer me to was the person that could help me. Well they were wrong! Either I was disconnected, sent to the wrong department, or sent to another goddamn automated system that does not provide the service I need.
I have never had my blood pressure up so high before. This was torture. You guys might as well have sent little electrical shocks over the phone line straight into my ear or sprayed acid out of the receiver into my eyes...over and over again! My god! I can't imagine anything being more user UNfriendly and just down right proactively offensive.
I assume from all of this that you can no longer just put in your phone number and pay your bill on the web site? If this is the case, why weren't we informed somehow?
In the mean time I will write a check tomorrow when I get home and send it out. I'm sure my payment will be late after all of this and I will have another nice little insult thrown in my face next month in the form of a late payment. I can't wait.
If by chance this email is ever read please respond to my questions. Although, I am certain by now that this email will go into some sort of automated system that will delete my mail and send me a message to "go to hell", with an attached virus to crash my computer...
Thanks for nothing,
Tom S

- Verizon H8er ID: 8CAA8A

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