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05/29/08 | 16:26PM
Verizon is the worst!

I repeat DO NOT get Verizon!!! We love the phone service but someone came to our door and told us they were changing service in the neighborhood and that my mother had to sign a form. Once that happens I get an email in my computer stating that we ordered Verizion FIOS!!
She didnt know what she was signing and for 73 she is pretty sharp!! She was under the impression that she was signing for a repair not an order of cable and phone and Internet. We have the phone and internet but she wants to keep her Comcast cable. She is livid it was misrepresentation and they are playing tricks.
If I didnt have to have the phone service I would drop it in a minute!!! You can never get through and although I dont blame the customer service reps (most of them are nice) we are at the mercy of a monopoly and they know it. Their customer service for cell phones sucks!!! I have TMobile and they have great customer service.
Everyone I know that has verizon for cell phones hates it and they are switching to other companies. Verizon will bounce you around and trust me if you dont pay your bill they WILL cancel your service and you will go around Robin Hoods barn trying to get someone on the phone.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1B33BA

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