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06/09/08 | 14:02PM
My rant to Verizon

Tried to send this, had to cut it short due to Verizon's 700 character limit. Since sending this, they've also screwed up our bills AGAIN!---------------------------------------------------

Our movers hit a transmission line across our road. The line is down. I do not know if it is phone or cable, but I know it isn't electric. You may want to check it out. However, given my two and a half years of dealing with your feckless organization, I fully expect this email message to get directed to the equal opportunity employment director and be lost forever. Meanwhile, my neighbors will have to endure the unsightly eyesore of a line down until the new tenants move in and try to get telephone service. I tried to call your 24 hour repair line from my cell phone, but your automated answering service kept trying to convince me that if I bundled phone, internet, and wireless with Verizon that I'd actually be saving money. Great, so I'd have three messes instead of one. When I said "operator," the lovely female computer asked me what operating system I was running. Was she hitting on me? Did she think I was a guy computer looking for love?
This is par for the course though with Verizon, as I have found. From your oft-crippled DSL connection that makes a tortoise look like a Ferrari, to your customer service (that's an oxymoron, isn't it?) department that makes the Three Stooges look like MIT grads, to your psychosis inducing automated "help" line, you redefine organizational ineptitude. Were my experience tonight an isolated incident, I'd shrug it off and press on. However, it is not. I dread having to deal with you. In fact, given the choice between a kick in the junk and calling (ugh!) your customer service line for something, I'd rather have my testes driven north of my spleen. Your company should be banned for torture against humanity. I will never, ever deal with Verizon again, even if it means getting two cans and some string to communicate with someone. You all suck.

- Verizon H8er ID: F3F8FC

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06/09/08 | 14:39PM
call1-800-483-7988..this is presidents appeal line and verizon hates when u call this line because it goes against them when they want permits and increases. also, florida has a lawsuit against verizon for not fixing lines in a timely manner. call your public utilities commission, and even your congressmen or senators

- Verizon H8er ID: 487AE3

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