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06/13/08 | 16:14PM
Pregnant and no longer allowed to speak to Verizon

I can't get on the phone with these people without bursting into tears. I have automatic bill payment with them through my bank account. I just got charged double with no explanation and as a result my account was overdrawn. After an hour on the phone my husband was told that we hadn't paid in April (it's now June). WE hadn't paid? This is automatically deducted from my account, I wasn't aware that I didn't have the option to pay! I never get a bill, they pull money from my account whenever they feel like it in whatever quantity they like. I have tried to get some sort actual physical bill from them but to no avail. I have been on the phone with these people every week for the last month and a half, often for the same thing. Through their own admission there are mystery charges that they don't even know what for. I can't wait for my contract to expire.

- Verizon H8er ID: 07C73F

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06/18/08 | 1:25AM
Try calling the eCenter. Your bill is probably suppressed. When you have automatic bill payments you do not get a copy in the mail. It's online. The eCenter can remove the bill suppression, but so can you. Just click on the word selected by Paper Free Billing, it will pull up another link and you can cancel this option.

If you just recently set up automatic bill pay, it takes 1-2 bill cycles before your account is debited.Probably, that is why your account was not debited last month.

- Verizon H8er ID: C570A5

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