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06/14/08 | 2:04AM

As a Verizon employee I can honestly say...YOU ARE ALL ASSHOLES!!! There is nothing wrong with Verizon. It's you dumbass customers! YOU ALL SUCK! You all want something for nothing! WE ARE A COMPANY THAT IS IN THE BUSINESS FOR PROFIT!!! FUCK ALL YOU!!! If you dont like us...THEN LEAVE!!!! We dont want to deal with your whineing and complaing about you damn bill! PISS OFF! VERIZON CUSTOMERS SUCK ASS...LICK MY BALLS!

- Verizon H8er ID: 837BC2

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06/14/08 | 3:10AM
Sir, I truly hope your testicles begin to grow and drop and maybe you can see that VZ is a draconian vile company that has ruined the careers of many employees. Those past employees and current ones realize that this ruined American company has one of the poorest ethics of any current Fortune 500 company. I wish you well in your search of super customer service because those days are over at VZ.

- Verizon H8er ID: B8F06D

06/14/08 | 3:54AM
As I said in my previous post regarding "lazy, backward concept of customer service", I will reiterate that, my hardware has always been great, my signal quality (cel phone) has always been outstanding and whenever I've dialed 611 I've always received knowledge and care. However the in store experience references people like yourself. The fact that you would come to this (or any) forum claiming to represent your company while spewing juvenile vulgarities such as "lick my balls" speaks volumes about whom I referred to as "the 20ish something assholes who are allowed to work there." I hope one day when you grow up you find yourself in the shoes of today's adults, having to deal with little kids like yourselves. Laugh now, but later you'll understand. Back in my day, our employers maintained a zero tolerance level for assholism in the workplace and such conduct would get you fired. Flat out. Plain and simple. Btw, I'm only 39.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4FC13A

06/14/08 | 4:04AM
You are correct in saying that the days of good customer service is gone...thats because the old saying "The customer is always right" is no longer and has NEVER been true. I had a call today from a clown that expected us (verizon) to send him a new modem for his DSL that he has for 7 years. His current modem stopped working. He did not want to pay the $59.99 charge for it. He felt that we should just give it to him. WHY?? It has a 1 year manufacture warranty! You have had it for 7 YEARS! When your Car or stove or electronics go bad after years of use and you do not have any type of warranty on it, do you take the car back to the dealer 7 years later and say..."It does not work any more and you need to fix it for free or you need to give me a new car? NO...YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! Just like anything else in life. That's just one small example of the type of STUPID, I WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING, I'm the customer and I am right BULLSHIT that I....we...deal with, day in and day out! So yes, the good customer service is gone because all the good customers are gone! So if all you whiney little complainers would just shut up....Especially all of you people that are telephone assistance and still NEVER pay your damn bill, then we would be more likely to give better customer service.

- Verizon H8er ID: 837BC2

06/14/08 | 4:11AM
Wow...only 39 huh? This is just vented frustration built up for the past several years from dealing with constant idiots! Btw, i'm 38...get your facts straight next time before you jump to conclusions. It will help you to save face and not seem like such an uneducated moron!

- Verizon H8er ID: 837BC2

06/14/08 | 20:51PM
I stand by what I've said. I never said that the customer was always right. I stated that I've always had good experiences with Verizon minus the in store experience. And I'm speaking specifically about the cellular piece of Verizon, not the rest of the business. Most of the people who work in the store are assholes. Period. Not because I'm always right, but because they're not trained to care. And for shining a light on this, I get all kinds on backlash. Could you do any better at proving my point? I also stand by what I said in that "back in the day" being a jerk was grounds for termination. How this equates to me having said things I never said or being uneducated is something only the hateful people can understand.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4FC13A

06/17/08 | 19:12PM
wow what a cocksucker

- Verizon H8er ID: 8EBCF0

06/18/08 | 2:27AM
WHAT??? You like to suck COCK!!! lol

- Verizon H8er ID: 837BC2

07/07/08 | 19:51PM

Not hard to figure out why Verizon is having so much difficulty. One would have to bet it is because of employees like this.

I'm sure they are really proud.

- Verizon H8er ID: BAD490

07/09/08 | 15:47PM

Most of their employees suck too, but not all of them.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5EBAFD

08/10/10 | 6:01AM
It is verizon employees like you that need to suck ass along with the shit that pours out of it. When is it ever ok for a company to scam ppl out of their money...everyone wants just what they paid for, not to be charged for services they never rendered and then some.. After all that we have to deal with we get ATTITUDE FROM SHITS LIKE YOU...u just proved how unprofessional you are you mother effing dick ass pussy! Go lick your ball sack with that filthy tongue cuz thatz where it belongs! I hope Sprint and similar companies buries verizon very soon!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B5FCFC

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