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06/15/08 | 13:38PM
Give the employees a break...

I'm a former employee of VZW. First I agree that the company has some questionable ethics but just I think all of you (rightfully) upset customers should give the employees a break...there are employees at VZW that are lazy and experts at "passing the buck" but there are also employee like me who went to bat for customers who were being taken advantage of and not receiving good quality service...I think when you call any customer service line you should at least give the person on the phone some respect (as you would expect!) and allow them the opportunity to do what they get paid to do...and then if you are not given the proper respect and quality customer care you have every right to be upset. But after 6 years of being berated on the phone EVERYDAY...I finally threw in the towel and left my $40,000+ a year job. But not before I was told my family doctor, my dentist and even my dermatologist that I was "suffering from stress" and needed to find other employment! I even sought help from a psychologist to help deal with the stress until she also told me that my only stressor was VZW and I needed to quit!!! Which I did after taking a paid stress leave and now work for a company where I make LOT less money but I’m A LOT happier! So I not taking issues with ANYTHING negative that you guys have to say about VZW the COMPANY but I just wish you would remember that not ALL VZW employees are ASSHOLES- some are just like me and wanted nothing more than to help you but their hands are tied by the company the pays their bills, feeds their children and aids in paying this $4.00+ per gallon gas! I'm sure on your jobs there are situations that are completely out of your control but in the end you are the one that takes all the SHIT for it...Not fair is it...Just think about this post the next time you call VZW...and after you given the customer service rep the respect that both they and you the customer deserve and you still not the receiving the customer service that you should "RAISE ALL THE HELL YOU WANT!!"

- Verizon H8er ID: 98CA45

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06/16/08 | 0:22AM
There are always two sides to the coin. I personally am in the I.T. business and unfortunately this is not just a techinical career but a customer service career as well. Much the same, not all "I.T. guys" are jerks. And in all fairness to folks like yourself, some of the "customers" I deal with just don't come to work with the intention of working. Some of them act like big babies who have mistaken their cube for a living space or have forgotten that their equipment doesn't belong to them and all personal issues aside, they have a job to do. It's not my job to make them feel like they're more accomplished then they are. Or waste my time helping them avoid working.

However...... while some customers are jerks, that's not a valid argument for Verizon associates who take the attitude that "maybe if we make them wait long enough, they'll just leave. After all, they're an existing customer so there's nothing in it for me."

Also, with regard to the verbiage many Verizon sales/customer service representatives use they are most often deceiptful; using bait and switch tactics. It is in the customer's best interest to assume that Verizon is lying to them and attempting to screw them out of as much money as possible. If you don't do your own homework before even entering a store, you're likely to be deceived and thus justifiably pissed at the register. I can't tell you how many times I've stood next to someone and listened to them get upset because they didn't shop defensively and just believed whatever the Verizon associated wanted them to believe in order to get the money out of their pockets.

Also, could you and every other current, former and non Verizon person do us all a favor? Please stop expressing yourself via sentences or comments in all caps. It doesn't do anything to support your position.

- Verizon H8er ID: 758B96

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