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06/20/08 | 0:07AM
Fed up.

Verizon and their ugly sibling Verizon Wireless are by far the worst company I have ever had the misfourtune of dealing with. How I'm still with this company as a customer is baffeling.

I'm not someone who wants something for free, or wants out of an early contract or what have you. I just want to know if a payment needs to be made and a website that has my current info and an easy method to pay for it.

Every month I make easy payments for all the other bills I have. When it comes time to pay the verizon bill, theres always a problem. I end up trying to fight my way past the creepy computer person only to get to a snotty customer service rep thirty minutes later.(minutes on my verizon cell phone, no less). I have lived in the Seattle are for over four months now and their web site still shows me in Long Beach CA and doesn't reflect my most recent payments. I ask you. Whats the point of this website? It has no usefull info for me. I can't get who I need on the phone either.

I'm not sure why, but just spewing this out and reading other posts on this site, in some way makes me feel better. I will no doubt have some sort of late fee in my future but none the less...

- Verizon H8er ID: D201C5

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