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06/25/08 | 12:58PM
$425 bill?!?!

In my latest cell phone bill, I was charged over $360 in overages. Apparently, my phone model is suseptable to a bug that causes it to dial a bogus number ever minute of every day (wouldn't be surprized to find out Verizon did this on purpose)

Obviuously, I called their "customer service" to get it straightend out, and was told I would see it on my statement in 24-28 hours. Nearly a week later, it's still $425, so I spent most of the other morning in a chat with another "service" rep, who eventually suggested calling customer service. I asked her if she was serious and why could't SHE help me, to which she replied something along the lines of "I understand your frustration, I suggest calling our customer service." So I paid what I owed ($425 minus the overages) and am just waiting for them to convieniently let this carry over into next month to slam me with late fees, at which time I'll have to take this to court.

And to this the fact that their "great network" has no coverage in the town I grew up in, so every time I visit home, my cell phone is about as useful as a paper weight. My sisters, who both have AT&T, have full coverage everywhere they go.

My contract can't end soon enough. This is the worst communications company on the face of the planet, period.

- Verizon H8er ID: 59779D

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