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06/27/08 | 20:09PM
The Most Incoherently Managed Service On The Planet

I'm just trying to save money on my phone, internet, and wireless. Voicewing, Verizon's copycat version of Vonage, which uses voice-over-Internet protocol (ViOP) so that you can use your Internet connection to make and receive phone calls, voice mail, and caller ID, is much cheaper than Verizon's comparable landline package, Verizon Freedom. Voicewing costs only $26/month. BUT Verizon threatened to double my DSL monthly charge, from $15 to $30/month (without improving the speed, 768 kbs--which the Voicwing testing equipment stated was adequately fast enough for Voicewing to work) if I were to switch to Verizon's own Voicewing. Only after talking to Verizon's Retention Department was I able to keep my DSL monthly charge the same, but only on the condition that I stay with landline and not switch to Voicewing. (They also agreed to cut the landline cost to $26/month to match Voicewing.) Apparently Verizon is working very hard to keep people on landline and treating Voicewing as a poorly integrated hillbilly cousin company having nothing to do and little to know about Verizon. All this took eight (8) Verizon phone representatives and two hours of my time. And I have to mark my calendar to set aside another two hours next year so I can either go through this whole negotiation process again or see if Verizon has finally come to their senses and will agree not to impose a 100% increase on my DSL monthly charge. So my advice is for those wanting to save money, call Verizon, ask to speak with their Retention Department, threaten to switch to Voicewing, and see if they offer you unlimited all-United States phone for $26/month and high-speed DSL for $15/month (760 kbs is fast enough for me, works fine for downloading even music and videos, although I'm sure they're faster but more expensive Internet speeds out there).

- Verizon H8er ID: F802D9

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