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07/07/08 | 19:39PM
Switch to Verizon screwed up. Lost phone service

Last spring I decided to "come back to Verizon" from Cavalier. Verizon called to tell me that a technician would be by to mark the lines in the NID and my service would be changed the next morning. That evening I punched down the lines to my phone system. the next morning...no dial tone. Switched back to my old service...no dial tone. Called Verizon, they said they were not ready for the switch that I would have to call Cavalier. Called Cavalier, they said that they were asked to transfer to Verizon and had done so. It would take some time to switch back. Called Verizon, they said that there was nothing they could do. They had not engineered the circuit correctly and now were not ready for the switch. Mean while I am making all of these call from my cell phone in the parking lot of my office building. Call Cavalier again and get an honest rep who says that because Cavalier knows I am switching (notified by Verizon) they would not rush to hook me back up. He said my order was most likely at the bottom of a large stack of orders. Called Verizon and asked if they could rush the engineering since their notification to Cavalier was not helping me to get service back. Verizon said they would work on it. That was Thursday, on Friday still no dial tone. Verizon said it may take a week to ten days. After many calls and no telephone/fax service through the weekend I called Verizon and was told that they could get it completed by Wednesday of the following week. So my business did not have any telephone service from Verizon for six days. Customers could not contact me and I did little or no business. Many though I had closed. I conservatively calculated that the lack of service cost a measurabel 2 - 3k. I called Verizon who offered to give me a $500 credit and said that legally they could give me nothing more. I took the 500 and accepted the bad taste in my mouth.

- Verizon H8er ID: D1AB6B

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