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07/13/08 | 6:22AM
A cut above the rest

I can't say I have any experience with Verizon landline, but my family has been a VZW customer for seven years.
Seven years ago, they were the best in the Puget Sound. All digital, great reception, great quality.
I still say the call quality beats out my landline.
Everyone in my family got Motorola StarTAC phones. Sturdy little beasts, still in great shape. I had mine for years.

The first blow came in 2005,when I got a letter explaining that an FCC mandate required GPS-enabled phones, a statement I would later learn was false.
No matter, I didn't mind it; I picked out a nice V265 flip phone and enjoyed messaging with it.

bills would come in large envelopes stuffed with advertisements for 'America's Network' and frivolous TV and game services. You know, I never understood why they kept telling me how they were the best and so on. What difference did it make as long as I was a customer?

Strike two: sending me a new phone in 2007. Again, no complaints; I was emailed that I would soon be getting a V3m (at my expense, of course). I'm a fan of Motorola flip-phones, especially those that remind me of my old StarTAC.
Two days later, I nearly threw the phone out the window. in anticipation, I borrowed a friend's RAZR V3 for a day to check it out. the interface was the same as my current phone, just in a smaller package.
What I learned from various family members also on the Verizon network was that they started flashing their own software onto it. Instead of an elegant phone, I was carrying a brick that took 135 seconds to turn on and had a 2-second keypress lag. Oh, not to mention the constant barrage of V-CAST ads through leaflets and SMS messages. I've lived with it for a year, but find myself avoiding the thing at all costs.
The final straw was last month's $500 bill for a $60 plan.
Included was a $160 phone, purchased by my brother in cash yet included on the bill, activation fee, and hundreds in data overage and download charges for V-CAST.
My relatives are fine with VZW, but I'm disconnecting my line as soon as I can get to an actual reputable sales rep, if ever.
As my cousin said, there is no 'good' cellular carrier. Everything is about profit margin, and there's always complaints about every company.
Verizon's just a cut above the rest: a greater percentage of ignorant, undertrained customer service staff and a business plan that aggressively markets entertainment packages that are useless to many and expensive to parents.
It's very clear the cellular market is dominated by flashy phones and data services that cater to the under-25 set, but, like I said, Verizon's a cut above the rest.

- Verizon H8er ID: 821D52

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