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07/29/16 | 17:00PM
Verizon almost screw me!

This happened to me three years ago when I decided to cancel my contract one year into it. I gladly agreed to pay the ETF and they told me I would receive a bill on the mail to pay it. So I waited...
15 days passed and I called to see if they had sent the bill and they told me it was available online. The funny thing is I could not access online because I did not have a phone number with them anymore since they cancelled it and my user name was not working either. I called them again and let them know and they told me they where aware and had sent a paper bill as well that I should have gotten.
Anyway, I waited for other 20 days and to my surprise I received a letter from a collections agency threatening me and letting me know that I owed a certain amount that was slightly higher to my calculations. I rushed to pay it scared of a bad record on my credit and a few days later received the Verizon Bill!! Amazing... I just laughed it off...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FB59E7

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