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07/16/08 | 2:57AM

If you think Verizon cust. svc. sucks, try working for them. I have been a Verizon FIOS tech in Florida(Tampa/Clearwater area) for about the last year, and quit today. The money was good but, hardly worth dealing with the unorganization and inhumanity that is Verizon. Trust me, if someone quits there job in todays economy you know it's bad. I have worked for several large companies,(ALLTEL,SOUNDADVICE,MOTOROLA)and have never ben treated more expendable or hated on than VERIZON. Most of the time Verizon can't seem to keep our trucks stocked. there are to many bosses and managers, and a huge lack of comunications. I guess thats tipical the communications company has poor communications haha. Anyway don't feel left out as a cust. verizons cust. svc sucks for employees as well. THIS WAS THE WORST JOB I EVER HAD!! I would rather farm dung on the equator in the middle of July than work for Verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: 5C7170

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07/18/08 | 13:51PM
i agree same here
i left because of the fraud they commit on customers and union memebers. verizon is scum and will fall within 7 to 10 years...ps....fios sucks dont get it

- Verizon H8er ID: 3B25A2

07/22/08 | 11:19AM
VZ fails to represent actual financial reporting. These actions need to be investigated by the government and SEC.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4BBD64

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