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07/16/08 | 16:56PM
Verizon+your money=legal robbery

They have all this technology on the phone where they are practically little computers, but they cant have an alert or message sent to your phone for when your on your 400th overage minute? They probably don't have the technology.
They sure know how to text message you when you owe them a bill......................
By the way , this month I am paying for 500 minutes I went over my plan , after finding out they have an unlimited calling plan now for what I was paying for 2100 minutes.Great feeling.

Verizon+your money=legal robbery

- Verizon H8er ID: 177889

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07/23/08 | 20:03PM
Don't pay the bill. Call customer service and ask to upgrade your calling plan to the unlimited minutes. They are then able to re-rate your past bill and credit the amount of overages minus the difference in price plan. So if your 2100 minute plan and the unlimited plan are the same cost, they can credit you the full amount of overages because you're on a higher calling plan. I work for Verizon, and even though there are many legitimate reasons to be very angry at them, this is one courtesy that most other cell phone companies won't do. Make sure to call them before your next bill prints and upgrade, and make sure to get your bill rerated. If the rep thinks it can't be done, just be persistent. It's a fairly simple process.

- Verizon H8er ID: C36E69

07/31/08 | 18:48PM
Thanks for your reply,I asked them to do it and they would'nt. I am paying my final amount and getting out of their chokehold.I cancelled my phones and I am done paying for nothing. I am so excited to spend my money on tangible items.

- Verizon H8er ID: 177889

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