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07/17/08 | 16:57PM
Verizon Fraud

Bought prepaid Verizon phone in Feb., 2008 - paid $15 "activation fee", and choose $100 for 1 year" plan - minutes were not to expire for 1 year. On July 13 I tried to make an emergency phone call and found my service had been "deactivated" because I had no minutes left. I'd only used 38 minutes of air time. Verizon customer service said it was a "computer error" and my "set to expire date" had been incorrect. They would correct it. Great. However, they demanded another $15 "activation fee" to get my $102.41 back! I said, "no." They refused to give me the minutes back. I yelled "Fraud." After 45 minutes of rangling with the worst CS rep I've ever had to deal with (Anthony - a total numbnuts), my blood pressure racing, tears in my eyes, I finally gave him my cc number and the $15. So far no one at Verizon has responded to any of my emails, calls, whatever. They refuse to regard what they've done as fraud, but it clearly is. What should I do?

- Verizon H8er ID: 9A1ED1

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07/17/08 | 18:05PM
PUC for your state should be notified. File the claim there first. Second, certified return reciept letter to VZ HQ. Give them notice that if the refund is not made within 30 days, from the dated letter you will take VZ to small claims court.

After you are refunded your money follow up with a letter to your congressman/woman with the entire account of this event.

- Verizon H8er ID: D5BEE0

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