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07/24/08 | 2:48AM
Support the Verizon Union!

Here's hoping that the union will destroy this bloated, dysfunctional corporation! VERIZON SUCKS BALLS!!!

- Verizon H8er ID: C7A83C

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07/24/08 | 10:53AM
Are you nuts??? The union promotes lazy technicians. I have never seen a larger collection of lazy workers in my life. They whine about everything. They don't like to work and the union fights to keep the jobs of those technicians that would never last a day working anywhere else. I see it first hand every day.

- Verizon H8er ID: E5CC9C

07/24/08 | 12:22PM
bunch of union idiots...walk the line nerds

- Verizon H8er ID: 98405E

07/25/08 | 17:02PM
the UAW (I was a member for years) is the main reason the big 3 automakers are going broke. The union keeps on pushing for more and more money and benefits and if they don't get them, they strike. Any UAW worker can go to school for free, college, trade school, even take art class or basket weaving. Think about that the next time you look at the price of a car. I know you union boys are only driving GM, Ford and Chrysler, right?

Unions are in business to stay in business for themselves. The years of looking out for the employee welfare are long gone. Ask your Union leaders if they are getting a paycheck during your strike. 99% sure they are going to say no. That is because they don't draw a paycheck during the strike, they code it as a stipend for the books.

Wake up and realize we have plenty of people that will take your job for less than you are making.

- Verizon H8er ID: 2903D8

07/25/08 | 17:03PM
could not have said it better myself.

- Verizon H8er ID: 2903D8

11/18/08 | 15:51PM
the rhode island union local 2323 is a terrible union.

- Verizon H8er ID: 98405E

07/29/09 | 19:42PM
couple more years and the verizon union will be no more.

- Verizon H8er ID: E83F4F

09/23/11 | 14:43PM
especially with rats like steve g from lincoln.......feedin management info about other union members

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A1F7F5

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