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08/12/08 | 1:59AM
Termination Fee and dropped calls

I've had more dropped calls in the last few weeks than I did in all my previous years using Cingular or T-Mobile.

I simply had to cancel my contract. I couldn't use my phone at the office or at home. While the $175 fee is illegal, they still charge ridiculously high pro-rated fee. While most likely these charges would be ruled illegal too (because it's too high), pro-rated termination fees are not illegal per se.

So the little viscious puppies called customer "service" reps...WHAT A FUNNY TITLE!!!! HAHAHA...have been trained to stick to their guns

A supervisor bitch...she was just bitchy enough step on the puppies and make it to the supervisor level...CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Well, she basically said that she can't comment on any legal issues and that my questions would have to be directed to their legal department.

She made it very clear that they take it very personally when you cancel the contract and they would not assist or help in any way because you're no longer their customer.

She also said that I should've called them if my phone wasn't working right because she could've sent someone out to check the towers to make sure the signals are being carried correctly....wow... I do give credit for her high level of bullshit mastery and her ability to bend over backwards to please her corporate masters. Why don't you just do yourself a favor and end your life now?

Thanks Trisha!!! or Tricia or Trish...or whatever they call you...

- Verizon H8er ID: BF4251

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