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08/13/08 | 21:11PM
Unscrupulous verizon

I just got off the phone with Verizon after 2 hours of hassle. I arrived at the store because my phone was not working, I have full insurance. I was promptly told they had no replacement and to call customer service. Of course this is biz as usual for Verizon. Don't fix the problem just shuffle iT off to someone else. I refused to leave till the problem was resolved and made the rep call customer service which he did. I can't describe the kick I got out of the rep and his manager trying to get some resolution to the problem needless to say we all three sat on there for about an hour and still did not get it resolved. The problem I was having involved what they claim as me not qualifying for insurance yet one of there reps put insurance on my account and me using the service more than 6 times and paying monthly for it, yet somehow I don't qualify yea the guys at the store couldn't figure it out either. It seems to have all stemmed from a rep that maliciously put notes on my account because I wasn't exactly polite when he tried to force me into another two year contract. A similar situation occurred when i opened the account. out of frustration at the lack of customer service I informed one of the reps I was talking too of my displeasure the rep took it upon herself to notate my account saying I didnt want a service I requested costing me money and time later, needless to say these people are phone nazis, if they aren't pushing you into another contract they are lying to you. I have experienced innocent incompetence all the way to malicious personal attacks by them. After this month they will no longer be getting my money.

- Verizon H8er ID: 89A143

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