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08/15/08 | 0:15AM
Double Trouble

On 7/28 one of my two landlines went out...no dialtone and unable to receive incoming calls. A repairman didn't arrive until the morning of 8/6. He confirmed the dead line and said the pair was open between the box at my street and one two blocks away. Someone else would have to fix that. That repairman didn't arrive until 8/9. Since the repair was outside, I wasn't here when he "completed" it and closed the trouble ticket. The he didn't complete it. The line was still dead. I reported that to Verizon on 8/12 and again on 8/14. Also on 8/14 a second line at our house (our primary line) dead. I reported that and was told he could not be scheduled for repair until 8/16. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told that no supervisor was availalbe, but one would call within two hours. Still waiting.

- Verizon H8er ID: 58AF3C

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08/28/08 | 15:10PM
NEVER agree to let a supervisor call you back! Every time I call, I refuse to hang up until I've spoken with a supervisor. I also refuse to hang up with the supervisor until somethine happens. Its usually not what I want, but I refuse to be a complacent consumer, the kind they count on to continue their unethical and downright evil practices.

They usually put me on hold about 5 times, for at least 5 minutes each, and then come back and say, "Still no supervisor available. Do you still want to wait?" But I refuse to let them go. There is a supervisor available, they just don't want to talk to you, but if you wait long enough, you'll get one. They're usually incompetent, too, because its obvious there is no one driving the Verizon-ship. Its Lord of the Flies, only they've got billions and billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of customers instead of a little island.

- Verizon H8er ID: 90A6C4

09/11/08 | 10:56AM
as an employee, we are told never to give calls to a manager. they do not want to be bothered and when you do transfer a call to a manager you get hell after. bottom line is verizons customer service is gross and the company will fail

- Verizon H8er ID: 47A14D

11/18/08 | 6:12AM
call the public utilities comm and your local senators and congessmen.

- Verizon H8er ID: 47A14D

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