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08/15/08 | 10:02AM
I predict the downfall of verizon

First of all most of american consumers are ignorant and dont do any research on their own to make the best economical decisions. I work in customer service at verizon wireless. Most of our customer either make too much money and just pay their high ass bills or they are just too poor to afford them. Lets start with the marketing scheme "America's most reliable network." Wow Verizon your strong suite is something that can't ever be truly measured or proved. So if you have Verizon and believe this you should stop reading and off yourself right now. Verizon recently changed all of their calling plans from the America Choice Plans and to the new Nationwide Plans there is no difference in the cost and the minute allowances are exactly the same. There is just one tiny difference anytime you access the mobile web, V-cast or Get It Now you will be bill $1.99 per MB of data that is accrued. So customers that have been with Verizon for years on the America's forced to change because of an upgrade or adding line to their account or being charge now something that used to be free. Every bill i see has a 1.99 charge for a MB at least. 65 million customers times 1.99= GodDamn. Its unexplainable. People that even have blocks on those features still incur charges. Verizon just implemented this new policy. Everyone here knows Verizon bills a month ahead for their monthly access. So if you port out your number in the middle the billing cycle Verizon will still charge you for the rest of the month of monthly access. For example your on a 99.99 plan your billing cycle is on the 7th your port out on the 22nd before you would have recieve $50 refund but now you dont get shit. Now heres the downfall ,the demographic of Verizon are mostly middle aged adults with family plans for their teens. I am in my twenties do you think my parents know more about making a good decision in cell phone service than me. Hell no. Now once the teens of this now family plans are comparing their phones to likes of T-mobile and AT&T phones with their friends and are now realizing what they are missing out on. All the crippling of Verizon phones what bullshit. Your cell carrier should only provide the service of data and voice. They should not have control over what you can use the data for. You should be able to use bluetooth they way it is meant to be used. Now we will see these teens switching to a real carrier such as T-mobile where you can go to website be able to download mp3s off of any website directly on the phone. Fuck V-cast it is 2008 why are you still paying for music. It would be cheaper to pick up a new release CD on Tuesday than to buy music on V-cast. And if wanna send the free mp3 I downloaded to my friends through bluetooth thats my right. Yes and I have T-mobile its best for being the most open network. Verizon could not even give me cheaper service as an employee than the dealer plan I have with T-mobile. Verizon is great at instilling pride in their employees. I carry a Nokia N82 there are things I can do on my phone that Verizon PDAs cant and wont be able to even 5 to 10 years from now.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9651F7

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