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08/18/08 | 1:33AM
Verizon will not help police during an emergency

In the month of June 2007, a young lady by the name of Kelsey Smith was abducted and murdered. Kelsey's mother pleaded with Verizon to give the authorities the triangulation of cell pings to help in locating Kelsey. They refused on the basis that the cell phone was Kelsey's. Although the phone was actually in her mothers name. Verizon's response to Mrs. Smith was that she should have paid an additional ten dollars a month, and only then would Verizon release a location of Kelsey's phone. Upon notification to the police that Verizon would not assist Kelsey's parents, they to were refused. After 3 and a half days missing, Kelsey's body was recovered at a park. An F.B.I. warrant was required for Verizon to give assistance to authorities. Literally hundreds of family and friends searched for Kelsey for days. The national media covered the search as well as local outlets. After Kelsey was laid to rest, Mrs. Smith met with Verizon. She was greeted by several representatives, that were all lawyers. I understand fully about a persons right to privacy. But let's use a little common sense. When authorities contact you after the parents, one would assume that there is an emergency. Sprint, who was not contracted to the Smith family, stepped up to the plate. They gave cell phones and all the air time that was needed to the Smith family and search party...for free. This was not offered by Verizon, who were the Smith family carrier. Hmm. I guess it takes an additional ten dollars a month to get any compassion from Verizon. Well maybe they did not help, because of some law? That's not the case. The law was asking for help. Then I see a commercial on television talking about DEAD ZONES. Now we know what that is. An area that does not get a sufficient signal. You can only imagine the Smith family and friends take on that commercial. Then the other commercials, you have this huge group of people, helicopters.....wow! All of those people supporting Kelsey! I guess as she was getting raped and murdered, these folks stood by and watched? My point is this. The commercials are not representative of the company. They do not care about you. They do not even care about authority. I think it is time for the Smith family to sue this company. This company issued a phone and service to Mrs. Smith and refused to help her in a time of need. Then turn around and make a commercial that tears her heart out. Now, this is not an isolated incident. A lady had crashed her car and was stranded for over a week, Her husband had gone to Verizon for help too. Once again they refused. This woman almost died. Imagine yourself stranded, family searching for you, and the little phone company refuses to help. Oh, I almost forgot. About Sprint, as I mentioned earlier. They did not give the Smith family phones at the beginning. For the first couple of days of the search, the Smith family was using their Verizon phones. As you can imagine, there was a lot of minutes used. Mrs. Smith asked Verizon to please help her with making the payments in increments because the bill was so high. The answer was...... no! Now folks, you may think I have an agenda to just make Verizon look bad. You are welcome to validate what I have said by writing to the Kelsey Smith Foundation or going to kelseysarmy.org and simply asking for yourself. By the way, there is a recording by the police, asking Verizon for help that last about forty minutes. Please share this with everyone you know. Thank you for reading,

Weston Whitten


- Verizon H8er ID: 34A29E

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08/18/08 | 18:23PM
As a former VZ employee, I apologize for the horrendous nature that Verizon has inflicted on your family. Their actions parallel the current state of affairs with corporate American.

Forgive them Lord, for they know go what they do.

- Verizon H8er ID: EE8507

08/18/08 | 21:21PM
Nice job Weston. I'm so glad I switched service from Verizon some years ago - they never were very helpful to me. It is so disheartening to see that our country has gotten to the place where corporations (at least the few decision makers at the top) are all about covering their own ass instead of doing the right thing. Once Verizon had confirmed it was a real missing person case, were they worried that Kelsey would file suit because her "privacy" had been violated. Who else would they be protecting? Oh I get it, they only think of themselves because any other contract holders are just seen as dollar signs not real people. Hey Verizon, "Can you hear me now?" or "Don't you give a %$#@*!"


- Verizon H8er ID: 59A5F8

08/19/08 | 2:59AM
I have followed this case since day 1. My heart and my prayers go out to the Smith family. Truly, Kelsey's parents are a "class act". From the initial search, to the funeral service, to the court events, to the conviction, to the organization of Kelsey's Army. Not once did I read anything that would detract from the high opinion I have of Kelsey's family. This was an excellent article; exposure of this kind to the corruption of corporate America contrary to right reason needs to be exposed whenever possible. It is possible that the individual citizen of America is, as I was, prior to reading your fine article, unaware of the ignorance, no--the stupidity--that our country has come to, all because of the paranoid perceived 'need' for CYA.
Please keep up the good work.

- Verizon H8er ID: 1AC7AA

09/01/08 | 11:07AM
verizon needs to be punished one way or another for this horrendous act. if it was my child i would be lockin and loadin in the corporate headquarters no doubt.... just a scumbag company. somebody in verizon should do jail time.

- Verizon H8er ID: 8C50EC

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