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08/19/08 | 18:42PM
Verizon's bad billing

Cancelled my wife's cell phone service after contract finally ran out. Called Verizon cervice to get final bill amount so I could, thankfully, be done with them. Argued with them for extended period about what the final amount was but finally got to a resolution. Paid that amount. Later got a bill for another amount. Called again and after much back and forth got someone in the customer service to say that there was not anything owed. Yet again I get another bill. I ignore it thinking we were square based on my last call. But no, I get another bill and then a letter from a collection agency. So, I call them again. This time I speak with their "financial services" group; they insist no one in customer service could have said that to me. Frustrated, I just paid the amount. I feel like a company just mugged me. Terrible. I will bad mouth Verizon forever.

- Verizon H8er ID: B4BE6F

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