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08/28/08 | 15:04PM
10 months and counting...

Well, let me start out by saying how excited I was over a year ago that FIOS was coming to my area. At the time, my boyfriend and I were pretty fed up with Brighthouse because of some issues with their product; pixelated TV, slow internet, etc. (Looking back, I'd trade the last 10 nightmarish months for a stuttering video feed anyday!) We switched over to FIOS back in July of last year, and all was going well until we got our first bill.

It was nearly twice the amount it was supposed to be! Not to mention that the product wasn't even finished yet! It seemed like every time we turned the TV on, something had changed, settings were different, and you had to learn the whole DVR system all over again. This alone wasn't all that bad, just annoying. The nightmare didn't start until we moved...

We were living with my mother when we first got service, but we moved out the first week of November and transferred our service. It seemed like the transition was going smoothly when we placed the order, because the installer showed up on time, was very pleasant, and even went a little above and beyond the help us network the multiple computers in our household. The only problem apparent at the time of installation was he thought we were also tranferring our phone service, but we had expressed to the woman who took the moving order that we were only going to keep internet and cable. The installer said, "No problem" and just installed what we wanted.

Almost two months go by, and without any problems, other than no bill. I kept checking the mail at my mother's in case they were sending the bills there, but nothing. Than all of a sudden one day, our service stopped working. After spending hours upon hours on the phone with Verizon, holding and being transferred randomly, we spoke with a gentleman who told us that there was a service outage in our area and that everything was fine; they were working on the problem and our account was fine. This was a Friday, so were waited through the weekend, thinking that any minute we would have service again.

Monday rolls around, and still nothing, so we call back, spend anoth hour on the phone holding and being transferred, only to be told there was never any such service outage, and our account was suspened. No one could tell us why, just that we were suspened for non-payment. It took at least two weeks for someone to tell us the REAL problem...

When our service was transferred, the billing system only transferred the PHONE SERVICE, which we canceled. So, for two months we were receiving cable and internet at no cost, and the system realized it and automatically shut us off. We spent the next fews months trading phone calls and wasting hours of our cell phone minutes with different reps and specifically with a supervisor named Tanya Stewart. They couldn't get our billing address correct, and even after "changing" it in the system and assuring me it was fixed, the billing address kept changing between THREE DIFFERENT ADDRESSES!

Then, since the original order for the move was entered incorrectly, it also canceled our contract. They actually expected us to sign a new contract and pay the new prices for service for their blatant screw up! I ran around in circles with them over this many, many times, and finally, after begging, pleading, and threatening to sue, Tanya agreed, as if it wasn't her and her company's obligation, to credit me upfront for the difference in price between our original contract and the new one for a full year of service, which she did. It didn't solve the underlying problem, though! They still don't have the right address, and now, they're even saying I signed up for online bill pay and that I'll have to take more time out of my life to change that. I can't even login to the website, it says my account doesn't exist, so how in the hell would I sign up for online bills?

Literally, this has been going on for 10 months. I still have yet to receive a bill, and the service has been suspended multiple times for "non-payment" even though I made deals with Tanya that I would pay the bill if they would just SEND IT TO ME! They can't even fix a simple error in billing addresses, so why the hell should I pay them? They're not upholding their end of the deal! Not to mention wasting hundreds of my cell phones minutes, ie. my money!

The last time I spoke with Tanya was about two months ago. She said that the problem was "finally fixed", that it may take another month for the system to catch up with itself. She hand-mailed the only bill I've ever received, I paid it as I said I would do, and then waited for the next month. Still never came! Two weeks ago, I called and spent over two hours on the phone getting lied to and transferred for no reason, and at the end of it all, the gentleman hung up on me!

I immediately called Tanya and left a VM, and this was on Thursday August 14. I've left at least three other voicemails over the last two weeks, and she still hasn't responded. The last time I tried to call, it said the supervisor's inbox was full and I couldn't leave a message. WTF?!?!?!?!?

So, basically, my FIOS experience consists of getting lied to and treated like a P.O.S. who isn't worth anyone's time, aside from being derrided and being told to pay my bill and they'll fix the problems they created. Being avoided and handed off like a piece of trash because the problem isn't easy, and they can't sell me anything. Wasting my time and money because of the gross negligance and non-existent leadership of one of the world's largest organizations. The have billions upon billions of dollars, but the hell do they spend it on if they can't even correct something as simple as a billing address?

It may seem simple, the fact that we don't get a bill in the mail, but the stress we've experienced, the absolutely atrocious customer service we've encountered, and all the lies and incompetence aren't easily brushed under the rug. When I sign a contract with anyone, I'm saying I'll uphold my end of the deal if you do yours. Well, how hard is it to provide me with decent service, considering you're a multi-billion dollar, international company?!?

I've been telling everyone I know and almost everyone I come into contact with about the evils of this company, and I will do everything in my power to prevent people from becoming Verizon customers. The next step is taking legal action...I'm in the process of researching what can be done, and if anyone here has any ideas, or wants to band together to take down this unethical corporation, lets go!!!

Incensed FL Resident

- Verizon H8er ID: 476F2E

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